Oíche Chluichí / Games Night, Dé Máirt!

Scrabble as Gaeilge

A chairde, this term’s classes have been going fantastically well! As a welcome break from all the hard study, however, we will be hosting an ‘Oíche Chluichí/Games Night‘ on Tuesday, Oct 28th from 7:15 – 9pm in Chevy Chase Pavilion! Everyone is welcome so feel free to bring a friend! You can let us know you can make it via the Failte DC or MeetUp pages, or by calling 678 96-IRISH. Rang 1 students are encouraged to call in and get busy once their class ends at 8:15pm – your fellow Irish speakers and Ronan are looking forward to meeting you!

Limited number of Verb Charts & Grammar Guides available at our Oíche Chluichí tomorrow night!

Verb & Grammar Guides.

Don’t forget your dictionary on Tuesday, because it may come in handy when playing ‘Scrabble as Gaeilge’! It’s one of the many games we have lined up. Perhaps do some muscle stretching in advance of ‘Casta/Twister’! We will also have a Tráth na gCeist/Quiz with Ronan as Quizmaster, armed with prizes galore! There will be a limited number of Irish Verb Cards ($12) and Quickguide Grammar Guides ($15) available on a first-come, first-served basis. Current and previous Intermediate students, take note: two spots remain for the 7-weeks of Course 2 Intermediate classes that kick off this Thursday, 7:00 – 8:20pm (Thurs Oct 30 – Dec 18). For further details and registration, click here. For Introductory students, a continuation of the current beginner course will be offered from Nov 11-Dec 16th (5 weeks). If current or returning Introductory students would like to register their spot, please click here. We will be continuing with Living Language Irish: Complete Edition. Students are asked to bring their own copy to class; copies can be ordered at Irish Is Fun.com. All events will take place at our usual venue (see Location for further details). Hope you can make it / Feicfidh muid thú!

5 thoughts on “Oíche Chluichí / Games Night, Dé Máirt!

  1. Hi Ronan,

    A question: can you suggest an easy guide for pronunciation that I can order? We’re hosting a party for Samhain on the 9/31. The 25-30 friends coming, I’m sure think that I’m making all this up. They will be far better informed when they leave the party. I’ve looked up the pronunciation of samhain, but there are so many times I’ve had to struggle with words that there must be a guide to all the unpronounced letters and letter combinations which would help in the future.

    Sheila Cole


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